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Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

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To achieve your personal best you need to rest

Wellness Coaching for Stress Management

Your health and wellbeing are important ingredients in your success. To achieve your personal best you need to rest.

Modern urban living may result in feeling stressed, which can increase the risk of a variety of health complaints. It is important to schedule time for rest to relax and renew your energy. Simple lifestyle changes can reduce stress and improve health and wellbeing.

Wellness is more than being free of illness. Wellness includes many factors that contribute to leading a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. There are many different elements of wellness, including physical and emotional health, social and spiritual wellbeing, and being fulfilled by your occupation.

Wellness Coaching helps you to implement simple self care strategies to reduce stress and promote health and happiness. Ongoing coaching assists clients to integrate wellness strategies into their daily lives to achieve work/life balance. Improved health and wellbeing supports you to achieve both your personal and professional goals.

Select the coaching location that suits your needs

  • Experience the cool retro vibe of my meeting room in Brunswick East.
  • Relax in a cafe in one of Melbourne’s beautiful parks (select locations).
  • Meet in a convenient location in Melbourne’s Docklands.
  • Schedule a coaching session in a stylish cafe in Kew.

Self Care Strategy Meeting

 (single session)

Cost: $150

Create an Action Plan to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing.

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A one hour coaching session focussing on stress management.

Discover the benefits of relaxation for health and wellbeing.

Review the impact of stress on your life.

Learn simple relaxation techniques to reduce stress.

Schedule time for rest and self care.

Create a stress management action plan.

Wellness Coaching Package

 (four session package)

Cost: $500

Make simple lifestyle changes to improve work/life balance.

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Four one hour coaching sessions focussing on work/life balance.

Review your work/life balance.

Schedule time for rest and activities that bring you joy.

Learn simple relaxation techniques to reduce workplace stress.

Identify wellness priorities and the most effective ways to enhance wellbeing.

Develop an plan to reduce stress and improve work/life balance.

Your Wellness Year

(twelve session package)

Cost: $1,080

Implement ongoing lifestyle changes to improve wellbeing.

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Monthly one hour coaching for 12 months to promote health and wellbeing.

Develop skills to improve health and wellbeing.

Learn simple relaxation techniques to reduce stress.

Evaluate wellbeing in different areas of your life.

Identify wellness priorities and ways improve work/life balance.

Develop a plan to reduce workplace stress.

Enhance effectiveness at work.

Develop communication skills.

Learn techniques to enhance positive thinking.

Enhance confidence and self esteem.

Schedule time for rest and activities that bring you joy.

Make lifestyle changes to promote health and happiness.

Exploring Wellness Workshops

(3 hours)

Cost: $70

Learn how to enhance wellness using simple self care strategies.

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A three hour workshop to enhance wellbeing.

Learn about different wellness philosophies and models.

Learn simple self care strategies for to reduce stress and promote health and happiness.

Identify your own wellness priorities and how to enhance wellness in your life.

Develop your own wellness goals and a personal wellness action plan (self care strategy).

Workshop is run  by request in Melbourne.

Wellness article and upcoming wellness workshops

I want to improve my health and wellbeing

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