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Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Contact:  0412737309

Create a life that enriches your soul

Life Coaching

Life Coaching supports you to plan and create a better future for yourself. A life coach is a facilitator who helps you to clarify your goals, make decisions and implement an action plan for your future.

Life Coaching is adaptable to many situations and can assist with achieving both personal and professional goals. It can help with  improving self esteem, making important decisions. Career Coaching can help with planning an important work project or making a career change. Coaching can also support you to develop important life skills such as positive thinking, stress management, maintaining motivation and time management.

My coaching approach is to focus on client strengths which facilitates positive thinking and develops confidence. Throughout the coaching experience I  support people to make simple achievable changes to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Meeting Rooms in Melbourne Docklands and Brunswick East.

Coaching in the Park

Relax in a cafe in one of Melbourne’s beautiful parks and plan your future.

Coaching in the Park is a unique service offered by Essence of Life Coaching  in the beautiful parklands of Melbourne. It combines the benefits of Life Coaching with the benefits of spending time in nature. Spending time in nature reduces stress and enhances creativity and innovation, helping you with problem solving.

Coaching in the Park is a beautiful way to reflect on your life and plan your future. It is available in select locations in Melbourne’s inner city and the parklands surrounding Melbourne CBD.

Select the coaching location that suits your needs

  • Relax in a cafe in one of Melbourne’s beautiful parks (select locations).
  • Experience the cool retro vibe of my meeting room in Brunswick East.
  • Connect in a convenient location in Melbourne’s Docklands.
  • Schedule a coaching session in a stylish cafe in Kew.

Clarity Session

 (single session)

Cost: $150

Clarify your goal and create a simple action plan.

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A one hour coaching session focussing on simple goals.

May focus on a personal or career goal.

Identify and clarify your goal.

Explore simple ways to achieve your goal.

Identify the best options.

Create a personal action plan. 

Life Coaching

 (four session package)

Cost: $500

Implement an action plan to achieve your goals.

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Four one hour coaching sessions focussing on a personal or career goal.

Identify and clarify your goal.

Evaluate your progress towards your goal.

Explore options of how to  reach the outcome you want.

Identify the most effective ways to achieve your goal.

Create a personal action plan.

Maintain motivation and progress to reach your destination.

Action Plan for 2018

(12 session package)

Cost: $1080

Implement an action plan for positive change in 2018.

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Implement an Action Plan for 2018.

Twelve one hour coaching sessions meeting for one hour a month.

You plan may include personal and/or career goals.

Create a vision for 2018.

Identify and clarify your goals for the year.

Evaluate your strengths and opportunities available to you.

Learn positive thinking skills and enhance self esteem,

Develop an action plan each month to achieve your goals.

Evaluate progress towards your goals.

Maintain motivation and implement your action plan for 2018.

Coaching in the Park

Available for single sessions or all coaching packages.

Experience Life Coaching in a cafe in one of Melbourne’s parks.

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Expereince the benefits of coaching in the beautiful parklands of Melbourne (select locations).

Coaching in the Park is available for Life Coaching for persoanl goals or career goals and Wellness Coaching for stress management.

Wellness article and upcoming wellness workshops

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