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Business Coaching

Business Coaching

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Grow your business by connecting with people

Business Coaching for Wellness Professionals

Wellness business owners provide an important service to the community. They support the wellbeing of their clients and help their clients to lead a healthy and happy life. However many wellness professionals earn a low income which impacts on their own wellbeing. Wellness professionals have to balance caring for their clients with creating and maintaining a profitable business.

Business Coaching supports wellness professionals to work smarter and not harder to grow their business. A business coach helps you to identify opportunities to attract new clients. Business Coaching also assists you to develop new revenue streams. Coaching helps you to develop a supportive professional network using simple and effective strategies. A networking action plan identifies influential people and groups that can help you to grow your business. Professional Coaching also enhances self confidence which supports you to promote your business.

Business Coaching Packages can also be adapted for all small business owners including creative business owners.

Select the coaching location that suits your needs

  • Develop a business strategy in my meeting room in Brunswick East (includes a whiteboard for brainstorming sessions).
  • Meet in a convenient location in Melbourne’s Docklands.
  • Schedule a meeting in a stylish cafe in Kew.
  • Relax in a cafe in one of Melbourne’s beautiful parks (select locations).

Business Strategy Meeting

 (single session)

Cost: $150

Complete a SWOT Analysis to identify business opportunities.

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A one hour meeting to evaluate business opportunities (BYO Laptop) .

Affirm the strengths of your business.

Evaluate the challenges you face in business.

Identify opportunities to grow your business.

Create an action plan for business development.

May be held in your business premises (Melbourne only).

Networking Strategy Meeting

 (single session)

Cost: $150

Identify how to maximise the potential of your network.

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A one hour meeting to evaluate networking opportunities.

Create a mind map of your business network.

Identify key people and groups who can help you grow your business.

Create an action plan to create opportunities for your business.

May be held in your business premises (Melbourne only).

Business Coaching Package

(four session package)

Cost: $500

Create opportunities to grow your wellness business.

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Four one hour meetings to create opportunities to grow your business.

Identify the vision and goals of your business with passion and purpose.

Complete a SWOT Analysis to identify opportunities to develop your business.

Create a networking map to identify who can help you grow your business.

Identify ways to communicate your message and market your business.

Develop the confidence to promote your professional brand.

Create an Action Plan to achieve your business goals.

May be held in your business premises (Melbourne only).

Coaching Wellness Teams

(2 hours)

Cost: $500

Complete a SWOT analysis to plan a team project for your business.

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Develop a group project for your wellness team.

Establish the key goal for the business.
Complete a SWOT analysis with team members.

Develop the skills of your team and improve team effectiveness.

Engage team members to suggest innovative ways to develop the business.

Identify the most effective way to achieve your business goals utilising the skills of your team.

Create a plan of action for your business project.

Group Coaching sessions of four or more people must be held in your business premises (Melbourne only).

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