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Robyn Frank writing articles on wellness and stress management.

Welcome to my wellness blog:

Welcome to the Essence of Life Coaching Blog. It is an opportunity for me to share my ideas with you. It includes many helpful hints about how to improve your wellbeing. A few of my articles focus on stress management. It is so important to spend time relaxing and doing the things you love.

There are a few articles that are directed towards people working in the wellness industry. For instance I have published an article  to help small business owners to network more effectively. It is called Networking: A personal approach. This article is also useful for people wanting to enhance their career.

Workplace wellbeing and stress management

In many of the articles I will talk about stress management and wellbeing in the workplace.  Stress has a negative impact on our health and general wellbeing. Therefore stress management is important to maintain a happy and healthy life. It is important to reduce stress and make time for rest at work.

My first article is called Good Better Best Rest. It is a personal story that will show you two easy ways to improve your wellbeing at work. In this article I combine the simple wisdom of my mother with research evidence. Mother knows best.

The Rest Defence is an article about stress management in the winter. It highlights the negative affect that stress has on our immune system. I share with readers some simple stress management tips to help you to relax and improve wellbeing in the colder months of the year.

Nature at work is an article that is close to my heart. Researchers have studied the benefits of nature. Spending time in nature reduces stress. It also helps to increase attention and promote creativity. This article looks at easy ways we can bring nature to work to improve wellbeing and work performance. 

Information for wellness business owners

There are also articles to help people who work in the wellbeing industry. The Story of Wellness is an article about the history of the modern wellness movement.  It looks at many different wellness models. In addition it discusses different peoples philosophies about wellness.

My most recent article is called Networking: A personal approach.  It suggests simple ways to help you enhance your business network to grow your business. It can also be used to help you to create opportunities for your career.

Robyn Frank smiling spending time in nature to enhance wellbeing

Networking: A personal approach

Networking: A personal approach Networking is a great way to develop new business opportunities. Business networking events enable you to meet new people. You can find new clients and business contacts at these events. There are people who thrive at these events,...

Workplace Wellbeing: Nature at Work

Nature in the urban environment It can be difficult for urban dwellers to find the time to connect with nature. Fortunately there are simple ways to bring nature into our lives. Spending time in nature helps to reduce stress. Viewing nature can also enhance creativity...

Stress Management: The Rest Defence

 Rest in the winter It is important to make time for rest in the colder months of the year. Stress has a negative effect on our immune system. As a result, stress can increase the risk of catching the common cold. Stress Management helps you to strengthen your immune...

The Story of Wellness

The meaning of wellness: Wellness is a modern word to describe a holistic approach to health. A healthy lifestyle helps us to maintain both our health and wellbeing. Positive thoughts and emotions also promote both our health and happiness. There are many different...

Workplace Wellbeing: Good, Better, Best, Rest.

    Wellbeing in the Workplace:   Workplace wellbeing is important for business success.  However it has become common in the modern workplace for people to work long hours, without sufficient rest breaks.  This can lead to reduced productivity and...